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Wet & Dry Vacuum (H Series)

Clean both wet and dry messes with Dreame wet & dry Vacuum (H series). Vacuums and mops at the same time when brushing the floor. With a simple click from you, the vacuum even cleans itself on the dock. With large batter capacity, it is suitable for large homes. Get notified whenever you need by the display on the LED screen. The vacuum can stand on its own and be put away easily after cleanup. Just put the vacuum cleaner back to the dock, and the charging starts right away.


Dreame H12 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DE100020+DEAC100008-H11/H11 MAX/H12

One Pass All Clean, Right To The Edge

Cleans Up Wet and Dry Messes at The Same Time.
Edge-cleaning Brush Roller Cleans into Hard-to-reach Corners
Smart Mess Detection to Adjust Suction
Low Profile edge-cleaning design.
Large water tank for cleaning large homes.
RM2,229.00 RM2,599.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM185.75 with

Dreame H11 Max Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DE100014+DEAC100008-H11/H11 MAX/H12

One pass. All clean.

Cleans up wet and dry messes at the same time.
Self-cleaning on the roller brush as long as it is on.
Automatic mess detection for deep cleaning.
Long runtime for cleaning large homes.
RM1,699.00 RM2,499.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM141.58 with

Dreame H11 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DE100013+DEAC100008-H11/H11 MAX/H12

One pass. All clean

3 in 1 cleaning
Self cleaning function
Intelligent voice assistant
Noise reduction design
RM1,619.00 RM1,999.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM134.92 with

Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Cleans more than floor.

Handheld & Cordless Vacuum Conversion.
Large Dual Tanks for Longer Cleaning Session.
Clean Smarter with Automated Dirt Detection.
RM2,599.00 RM3,899.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM216.58 with