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Robot Vacuum & Mop (Z Series)

Get it all done with Robot Vacuum and Mop Z Series. Get no dirt on hands with the dust bag being sealed on its own.The upgraded LiDAR system immediately generate an editable map during the first cleaning and the efficient cleaning route accordingly. It grabs smaller dust that could not be observed by human eyes with a suspension-designed brush. It effortlessly moves in your home!

Dreame Bot Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop

DE100012+DEAC100050-Z10 PRO+DEAC100005-Z10 PRO+DEAC100006-Z10 PRO+DEAC100003-Z10 PRO/D10 PLUS

Get it all done, once every 65 days.

The dust tank will be emptied after cleaning.
1gal sealed dust bag holds up to 65 days of dust and debris.
LiDAR system Intelligently plans systematic paths.
High precision 3D scanners ingeniously avoid household clutter.
RM2,229.00 RM2,699.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
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