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How to clean high areas/ceilings?


Many people dread cleaning high areas due to difficulties such as needing a ladder and carrying heavyweight vacuum cleaners. When it becomes a hassle to clean those high areas, people will tend to neglect and forget about cleaning those hard to reach areas. Aside from vacuum cleaners, here are some ways how you can clean high places: 

1. Using a long feather duster to dust off those cobwebs and dust.

2. Using a paint roller to roll along with the ceiling.

3. Using mop stick with dry changeable wipes.

4. Ultimately we would recommend using our vacuum cleaner Dreame P10 Series! It’s only 1.63kg which makes reaching high places super easy! 


Using lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners such as our Dreame P10 Series will allow you to clean those hard to reach areas with peace of mind. Dreame P10 series is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that can help you to vacuum the ceiling or curtain rails or even those corner edges on high walls. By using our vacuum cleaners, you can now clean those high areas with ease and also safely clean without leaving any trails of dust or worse inhaling it! Dreame P10 series vacuum cleaner also comes with other versatile accessories such as 2-in-1 crevice nozzle, a soft roller brush and a mini motorized brush! Suitable for all your cleaning needs! 

Get your light and versatile vacuum cleaning partner now!

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