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How to improve indoor air quality! 

To understand how to improve indoor air quality, you must first know what causes the poor indoor air quality in the first place. There are many solutions ranging from taking simple measures like ventilating your home to finding the best vacuum cleaner or smart robot for better air quality. 

Keeping doors and windows completely locked shut is not a good idea. Poor air circulation indoors will allow the build-up of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, molding, and other microbes that is responsible for many health problems such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory health risk and much more. Volatile organic compounds (such as paint, cleaning agents, etc.), pets, smoke, etc., are accountable for poor air quality indoors.

Now here are the 4 ways to improve indoor air quality: 

1. By growing indoor plants. Studies have shown growing indoor plants can help to improve air quality. Houseplants can help to absorb harmful microbes in the air. Though plants may work slower than an air purifier, it is more cost-effective. 

2. It may be dusty if you live in an area close to the highway but it is advisable to open your windows from time to time to ventilate your home. 

3. Also using fragrance-free cleaning products may help and improve air quality. 

4. Or you can use our Dreame D9 robot vacuum. It has a HEPA filter which is perfect to improve indoor air quality. What are the benefits of HEPA filters? HEPA filters can help prevent ultrafine pollutants from being recirculated into the air we breathe. Additionally, HEPA filters are designed to trap odours. With our Dreame D9 robot vacuum, it can vacuum, mop and avoid obstacles at ease. It has more flexible ways of cleaning with the advanced mapping function and LDS laser radar navigation. 


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