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How To Use Vacuum Cleaner: Wet and Dry Edition

Sometimes all you need is a good wet and dry vacuum cleaner to magic away the mess!

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When it comes to wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaners, we might still be intimidated as we're not used to vacuuming our wet messes. Nevertheless, a wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner is a versatile and useful tool for any home. With the advancements in technology, these vacuums are now able to effectively clean up both wet and dry messes, making them a valuable addition to any household. 

Whether you have kids, pets, or just want a more effective way to clean up spills and other wet messes, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can help you tackle any type of mess, from dirt and mud to dried-on grime and food spills.

5 Ways You Can Use A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Do you need more convincing on why a wet and dry vacuum cleaner should be a staple in your home? Fret not, we've got 5 simple ways you can utilise your vacuum cleaner to optimise your cleaning tasks.

  1. Clean up spills on carpeted floors or hard surfaces. These cordless vacuum cleaners are equipped with roller brushes, making them easy to manoeuvre around furniture or obstacles with difficult-to-reach corners.
  2. Vacuum up liquid spills in areas where water may collect (especially during the monsoon season). Wet and dry vacuum cleaners have a large capacity and are equipped with built-in water pumps that allow you to suck up liquids as well as dry debris.
  3. Clean up wet debris from hard surfaces like countertops and floors. In addition to being able to clean up dry debris, many wet and dry vacuum cleaners are also capable of sucking up wet substances such as water or mud.
  4. Remove pet hair from furniture, clothing, and other surfaces. Wet and dry vacuums feature rotating brushes that can easily pick up even the smallest pieces of pet hair without leaving a trail behind as you clean.
  5. Clean out your gutters. Since they are equipped with long multi-purpose nozzles, wet and dry vacuum cleaners can be used to clean debris out of gutters. The hoses allow you to reach up high onto the roof, where the gutter openings are located, while the pump allows you to quickly suck up any leaves or other debris.

Which is the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for me?

Phew, with all these features, you're sure to be clamouring to get your next wet-dry vac, well Dreame has got your back! Take a look at some of our featured wet and dry vacuum cleaners to smoothen your decision-making.


The H12's robust mopping and powerful suction are guaranteed to remove all kinds of messes from your home. It even automatically detects messes and suggests the best cleaning program for you.

dreame h12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Its mopping function comes equipped with a 900mL water tank allowing you to clean your whole home without even refilling the water. If you're someone who struggles with technology, the H12 even has an intuitive LED display that provides you with clear and accurate guidance.


Do you want to know how clean your house will be with the H11 Max? Well, it vacuums and mops at the same time when brushing the floor 560 times per minute! You can even just switch on Auto Mode, which allows the H11 Max to adjust the suction level accordingly to the type of mess.

dreame h11 max wet and dry vacuum cleaner

I know, I know, the H11 Max can handle all types of messes, but who handles its messes? With just one simple click, the H11 Max cleans up itself on the base!


With a tack to handle all types of messes, the H11 takes care of simple household messes and even deeply ingrained dirt. Thanks to its 2500mAh battery capacity, the H11 can clean your large homes without even breaking a sweat.

dreame h11 wet and dry vacuum cleaner

You might wonder if a cordless vacuum cleaner is heavy to push, but that's where you're wrong! Generated by its roller, the H11 provides traction at the front that helps you effortlessly push the vacuum cleaner forward as it's turned on.

So, if the sight of messes drives you up the wall, then it's time a Dreame vacuum finds its place in your home! Visit our website and select the best vacuum for your home. 

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