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Mosquito Repellent Lamp

Manufacturer: Yeelight
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Yeelight Mosquito Repellent Lamp Insect Zapper Portable Fly Swatter 2 in 1 Usage | UV Light | Lampu Tidur Anti Nyamuk
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【 Yeelight Mosquito Insect Zapper Swatter Repellent 】


Yeelight Mosquito Insect Zapper Swatter Repellent stands out as a highly efficient and innovative solution for 
 keeping your surroundings free from mosquitoes. 
Its sleek design, recognized by the International Reddot Design Award.
With features like intelligent light sensitivity, high kill rates,
 and energy saving capabilities, this device is a reliable choice for creating a bug-free environment.

In essence, the Yeelight Mosquito Insect Zapper Swatter Repellent is not just a mosquito killer; 
it's a reliable, stylish, and eco-friendly addition to your living spaces, ensuring a comfortable and bug-free environment.


💡 Main Features:

✅ Recognized Product & Brand:

International Reddot Design Award Unique simple design that combines the electric mosquito swatter with the base to 
 function as a mosquito killer. 
The electric mosquito swatter can also be used separately.

✅ Auto-On at Night, Intelligent Light Sensitivity:

  • Effectively solves the problem of flying insects in the lampshade.
  • Automatically activates the mosquito trap mode at night and turns off in the morning.
  • Uses a sensor to detect a dark environment.

✅ 88.1% High Kill Rate, Active & Passive 2 Modes:

Uses environmentally-friendly physical electrostatic shock to kill mosquitoes.
Utilizes a 360nm - 400nm wavelength ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes.

✅ Energy-Saving, Micro USB Fast Charge:

Equipped with a built-in lithium battery for 3-4 hours of usage after a full Micro USB charge.

✅ Non-Toxic, No Odor, and Environmental Protection:

Physical mosquito killing, non-toxic, and harmless.
No chemical components or volatile substances, making it safe for use by pregnant women, infants, and the elderly.

✅ Portable to Carry, Widely Application:

Practical design for easy portability, suitable for various locations such as bedrooms, study rooms, dining rooms, hotels, 
 and even outdoor use during camping.



Place the mosquito lamp in a dark room and leave the cable plugged in and switched on for the UV light to appear.
The UV light operates based on a sensor (only on when the room is dark), and there needs to be electricity for it to work.



⚙ Product Specifications:


👉 Material : ABS, Metal

👉 Application : Indoors, Outdoors

👉 Suggested Space Fit : Bedroom, Dining Room, Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room, Study Room

👉 Voltage : DC5V 1A

👉 Rated Power : 0.65W

👉 Wavelength : 360nm-400nm

👉 Size : 177.554330mm

👉 Package Included : 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp, 1 x USB Charging Cable


Experience effective mosquito control with the Yeelight Mosquito Insect Zapper Swatter Repellent, 
combining innovation and functionality to create a bug-free environment.


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