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Taking Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner to Another Level

Get ready to clean like you’ve never cleaned before!

Source: Dreame Global

From dirt, dust, and debris to allergens and particles, a vacuum cleaner helps eliminate all these and improves your home's air quality. It can also remove pet hair and dander, which can trigger allergies in some people. Regular vacuuming can also prolong the lifespan of carpets and other floor coverings by preventing the buildup of dirt and debris, which can damage the fibres.

When it comes to choosing their own vacuum cleaner, users gravitate towards a cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Why so?


What is a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?


A wet and dry vacuum cleaner, also known as a wet-dry vac, is a type of vacuum cleaner that is designed to handle both wet and dry debris. It is a hassle-free cleaning tool that can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks, from picking up spilled liquids to removing dirt and dust from hard floors.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners have a powerful motor and a larger storage tank than traditional vacuum cleaners, which allows them to handle both wet and dry debris without damaging the motor or other components. 

Wet and dry vacuums work by utilising their immense suction power that sucks up debris, including liquid spills. The debris is then collected in the waste water tank, which can be emptied and cleaned as needed.

Cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning up spills, such as those caused by plumbing leaks or accidental spills in the kitchen or bathroom. They also come in handy for cleaning different types of floors, as they can pick up both dry dirt and debris, as well as liquid spills.

So, when it comes to finding the best handheld vacuum in Malaysia, how do you decide on the ultimate cleaning machine for your home?


Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum: A Break Through on Household Technology


Imagine a seamless vacuum and mop to use for both your kitchen AND living room!

Source: Dreame Global

Did someone say the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners? If you were, then the Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum should be a member of your household today!

It's hard to resist when the tagline of this marvellous cleaning machine is "Cleans more than floors". This wet-dry vacuum cleaner is our newest creation boasting features from an edge-cleaning design to its self-cleaning properties. But what makes the M12 special?


Dreame M12 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum vs Other Wet Dry Vacuums in the Market


As wise consumers, it's good to know why you should choose the M12 over other wet and dry vacuums available in the market. Well, where do we start?

First of all,  the M12 is a remarkably versatile cleaning machine that allows you to clean up, clean down and clean all around your home. With powerful wet and dry mess elimination, self-cleaning functions, and a to-the-edge design, the M12 not only leaves floors thoroughly and remarkably clean but also takes cleaning beyond the floor with a convenient handheld vacuum mode that combines powerful suction with a versatile combination attachment to clean furniture, drapes, and more, with ease.

For wet and dry functions, you get to enjoy the flexibility of two floor-cleaning modes, which allows you to choose the one that suits your cleaning preferences. With the auto-mode, you can easily manage dirt and spills in the kitchen, such as eggs and noodles, while the suction mode is perfect for swiftly cleaning wet floors in the bathroom. Regardless of the mess type, these features guarantee that both wet and dry messes will be taken care of efficiently in one pass without damaging your flooring. Thanks to an advanced water circulation system and powerful motor that deliver robust mopping and powerful suction while a serrated scraper keeps the brush clean to wipe out messes to reveal gleaming floors.

Coupled with a large 920 mL Clean Water Tank, providing ample water for vigorous hard-floor cleaning so that you will have more than enough to tackle those stubborn stains. A turbo mode function facilitates faster and heavier cleaning, while the M12’s dual floor-cleaning modes ensure you can clean the way you want, whenever you want.

Maintaining the M12 is particularly easy too. It even cleans itself at a push of a button, making post-cleanup a snap. The one-press self-cleaning function thoroughly cleans even the roller brush, effectively rinsing off dirt and detangling hair, while an indicator lights up to show that self-cleaning is in progress. Really, cleaning has never been effortless!

Built into the M12 are a host of smart features that work together to make the cleaning process a truly seamless experience, such as an intuitive LED display, a mess detection feature and even voice prompts. 

The M12 truly redefined versatile cleaning as you can detach the vacuum body, which is fitted with a powerful brushless motor, and use it as a handheld vacuum for portable dry cleaning. Utilising the convenient crevice/brush attachment takes cleaning beyond floors to just about any corner in the home that needs to be cleaned. You can perform quick cleanups in standard mode or increase the suction power up to 12kPa* in turbo mode to tackle more stubborn debris.

We get how troublesome it can be when your handheld vacuum loses power whilst cleaning. Thankfully with the M12, you don't have to worry about that. Its 6x 4,000mAh battery capacity allows you over 30 minutes of wet and dry cleaning or up to 60 minutes* of handheld vacuuming on a single charge. 

With all these features, the M12 fits perfectly in your house without being an eyesore. Its handy base acts as a convenient storage for the vacuum and its accessories.

We know, we know, you want the M12 now! Just be a little extra patient as the Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner hits the Malaysian markets on the 22nd of March, 2023!

Check out our website for your next stick vacuum cleaner to robot vacuum cleaner. Just one click and get your house gleaming today!

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