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Vacuum Suction Power Matters

Did you know different floor types require a distinct suction power? Here are FOUR reasons why vacuum cleaner suction power is crucial:

  1. The higher the suction power, the better your chances are of removing stubborn impurities from various surfaces 😃
  2. A high suction power vacuum cleaner gives you a much better chance of pulling out all the dirt without the constant need to deep clean your carpets 🦠
  3. It can make your cleaning experience a lot more enjoyable and quicker too 💃🏼
  4. Saves much more electricity with fast and efficient cleaning ⏱️


Introducing our new Dreame V12 Pro that has the strongest suction power. Its 160,000RPM motor allows strong suction on both hard floors and carpets. It also comes with 8 different accessories to help you clean more than just the floors 🤩


Get your Dreame V12 Pro today while stock lasts!


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