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Viomi A9 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Ultra-long Lasting and Constant Suction Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

23000Pa Suction
Removable Battery
RM599.00 RM2,198.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM49.92 with

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner Revolutionary Anti-Collision Cleaning Master


Auto Dumping 3-in-1 Function

4000 Suction Power
Triple Filtering System
RM1,899.00 RM7,198.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM158.25 with

Viomi Smart Air Purifier Pro (UV)


Complete efficiency purification to filter bacteria and virus

Depth-type filtration Good air through layer-by-layer purification
Make your home an oxygen bar with no need for going outside
Fresh air and low noise both at hand.
RM799.00 RM3,398.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM66.58 with

Viomi Thermostatic Electric Kettle Pro Bluetooth| Black/White | Stainless Steel | Smart Water Temperature | 1 Year Warranty


Real-Time Display Keeps You Informed of The Water Temperature

Water Temperature.
Smart Water Temperature Control
5 Minutes To Boil The Water
RM59.00 RM349.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM4.92 with

Viomi V2 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop LDS Laser Navigation System 2400Pa Strong Suction

VI100002-BLK+VIAC100003-V2 MAX/V2 PRO/SE

Cheapest LDS Laser Robot Vacuum

Affordable Mopping Master 2.0.
Exclusive Manual-Scrubbing Y-Pattern
2 Water Tanks for Optional Use.
RM499.00 RM3,998.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM41.58 with

Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner | 3-in-1 Functions | LIDAR Navigation Tech | Xiaomi


Remove Stubborn Stains Without Damaging Your Floor.

Precise Water Control with Constant-Pressure Electric Water Tank - Mopping without Leaking.
360° LDS Laser Scanning & Mapping
Map 2.0 System Customized Cleaning Plan
RM899.00 RM4,998.00
Up to 12 months 0% interest
RM74.92 with