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Ways to deal with pet odour and dander!

Having problems with pet dander and odour on your carpet or furniture can't be avoided as long as the pets stay indoors. Pets will urinate, defecate, play, and move in and out of the house at any given time. Their activities may leave your carpet and furniture in a mess of smell and hair, if not tough stains.


There are several ways in which homeowners can clean their carpets at a personal level. Still, other cleaning activities may need professional help. Above everything else, a good home keeper should possess a good vacuum cleaner that can vacuum the carpet or furniture such as the sofa thoroughly. Vacuuming helps in reaching the hard-to-get areas where pet hair and solid waste hide. Debris and odour accumulating within the carpet or sofa fibre do not stand a chance once vacuuming becomes a routine.


We must know that pets may carry disease-causing organisms, foodstuffs, or other objects that may leave debris or dander on furniture. These pointers, together with the effects of urine and defecation, leave an irritating mess. As such, regular vacuuming needs to become a necessity to keep the furniture odour and debris-free.


For vacuuming to be useful as a method of effective cleaning, it requires getting some things right. A suitable vacuuming procedure involves the following:

  • Moving the vacuum in the correct way
  • Using a vacuum of the right quality
  • Changing the vacuum system filters regularly


You must be wondering is there the right way of vacuuming? Yes, there is! When the vacuum cleaner moves backwards while pulling, its suction capacity is at its peak. It works better when the movements are slow and in systematic straight line patterns.


Furthermore, any serious cleaning must avoid a low-quality vacuum cleaner since the filters cannot effectively hold allergens and dirt. The best quality filters capture the disease-causing particles and organisms, thus denying them a chance to float around. Here are the four ways that you can adopt to remove pet hair and smells from carpet:

If you have pets, you know that pet hair and pet odour can be everywhere. Here are some ways how you can get rid of it:


1. If it's on your carpet, try exposing it to direct sunlight. Some homeowners prefer to take the carpet outside and expose it to sunlight and fresh air. Exposure to airflow helps in eliminating bad smells. This method works best if you have enough space in your yard or balcony.


If the house space is small, the alternative could be drawing the curtains, windows, and doors. The natural light acts as a disinfectant and odour remover. The ultraviolet light from the sun provides a cheaper alternative to commercial disinfectants.


It is not advisable to expose furniture to sunlight for a long time since it may damage them.


2. The combination of vinegar and baking soda is a potent hair, stain, and odour remover. Vinegar has the germ-killing ability while baking soda absorbs the odour and adds a sweet smell. They are both very effective when cleaning involves them as a complement to water and soap.


Using baking soda solution and vinegaring agents involves pouring them on the furniture that contains the dirt or mess. Leaving the cleaning agents on for several hours makes it easy to eliminate the dirt using a simple brush. Besides the smell, the combination of vinegar and baking soda eliminates mild stains and is not very effective for stubborn stains.


White vinegar is a powerful solution. It does not clean the carpet without scrubbing. A reasonable amount of force is necessary while washing to ensure effective cleaning. However, too much scrubbing can damage the fibres.


On the other hand, cleaning with baking soda is more effective and straightforward and does not require scrubbing. Applying a little baking soda is enough to prepare the carpet for vacuuming the following day. It is a quick and inexpensive way that many households can use to get rid of pet odour in carpets.


3. Brush and bathe your pets regularly to avoid any germs or danders from falling around. When your pets are clean the chances of germs and viruses spreading around are lessened. Also, this can avoid any itch or respiratory issues from happening. 


4. Finally, you can use our Dreame T series, it can suck up your pet hair within seconds. Cleaning will become much easier and faster when you have a partner like our Dreame T Series. It also comes with multiple accessories, which can help you get rid of pet hair everywhere, not only on the floor.

Make your home pet hair & odour free with Dreame! 


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