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Yeelight Pro Smart Lighting Solution

Discover a world of endless possibilities with Yeelight Pro's advanced smart lighting solutions. With our patented technologies and intelligent control systems, immerse yourself in a distinctive lighting atmosphere that elevates your space. Yeelight Pro revolutionizes the smart lighting experience, combining innovative smart control systems and designs backed by 475 published patents.

From high-end residential projects to exhibition halls, boutique hotels to offices, our meticulously crafted smart lighting range caters to sophisticated spaces. With Yeelight Pro, you have complete control over your smart home lighting, from manual dimming to automated scheduling. Embrace the power of smart home technology and let Yeelight Pro redefine your space with superior smart lighting solutions. Illuminate your world with unrivaled smart home lighting experiences.

Yeelight Pro S20 Gateway (BLE Mesh)


▸Smart AIoT
▸Perfect fit for BLE Light
▸WLAN for WiFi Connection
▸Connect Up to 150 Devices

Yeelight Pro E20 Recessed Magnetic Floodlight

▸Wireless Control
▸High Power Efficiency
▸Integrated Light Source
▸Lamp Control Device

Yeelight Pro E20 Recessed Magnetic Grille Light

▸Wireless Control
▸High Power Efficiency
▸Integrated Light Source
▸Lamp Control Device

Yeelight Pro E20 Recessed Spotlight

▸Smart Control
▸Multiple Scenes
▸Wireless Installation
▸Bluetooth Enabled
▸Yeelight Mesh Gateway Hub Required

Yeelight Pro E20 Smart LED Bulb (Multicolor)


▸16 Million Colors
▸Dimmable & Tunable
▸Smart Control
▸Bluetooth Enabled

Yeelight Pro M20 Smart Led Bulb (Tunable White)

▸Compatible with Alexa | Apple Homekit | Google Assistant
▸Smart Control capabilities
▸Voice Control Compatibility
▸Energy Efficiency
▸Long Lifespan
▸2700K to 6500K
▸E27 / E14